Sunday, October 23rd
A La Courbe du Fleuve (Bend in the River)


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A La Courbe du Fleuve (Bend in the River)
Dir. Dieudo Hamadi
Documentary, DR Congo, 2016, 79 min.
French & Swahili, w/ English subtitles

Colonel Honorine worked in Bukavu's police force for years as part of the Child Protection and Anti-Sexual Violence Unit, highly regarded for its effectiveness and the confidence it has been able to restore in the community. But when Colonel Honorine is transferred to Kisangani, she must start over from scratch. Shortly after arriving in her new post, dozens of victims of sexual violence from the 6-Day War between Rwandan and Ugandan troops, land in her office. Thus begins a new challenge for the Colonel who is determined to fight for the recognition and support of these forgotten women, these outdated lives.


preceded by the short film:

by Hubert Bonke
Documentary, DR Congo, 2016, 6 min.
French & Swahili, w/ English subtitles

A documentary portrait of a pioneering group of female bus drivers in Goma, eastern Congo.



Dieudo Hamadi was born in Kisangani, DR Congo. He first studied medicine before attending several documentary workshops and editing courses. Hamadi directed two short documentaries LADIES IN WAITING and ZERO TOLERANCE which screened at festivals in Europe and Canada. LADIES IN WAITING received the Pierre and Yolande Perrault award at Cinéma du Réel (Paris) in 2009. In 2013, with ATALAKU, his first feature-length documentary about DR Congo's 2011 Presidential election, he won the JORIS IVENS Best First Film Award (Cinéma du Réel), Best Foreign Film (San Diego Black film Festival), and the Jury Prize at FIDADOC (Morocco), among others. In 2014, his second feature-length documentary, STATE EXAM, received the International Prize SCAM and the Potemkin Prize (Cinéma du Réel). It was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival before going on to screen at nearly 60 festivals worldwide. In 2015 Hamadi launched his production company, Kiripifilms.