Sunday, October 26th


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Black Africa White Marble

Dir. Clemente Bicocchi
Congo Republic/Italy
2012, 78 min

In the 1880s, there were two paths for Central Africa: Pietro di Brazza's and Henry Morton Stanley's. Brazza rejected much of the racism of his age, using his philosophy of non-violence to penetrate the rainforests of the Congo basin and win over the people living there. Meanwhile, Stanley, in the service of Belgium's King Leopold II, advanced with the roar of the cannon. More than a century later, when the current president of Congo decides to transfer di Brazza's remains to a multimillion dollar mausoleum in Brazzaville, a descendent of di Brazza discovers an insidious hidden agenda behind the plan, and launches a human rights battle. Told through an innovative blend of animation, puppetry, archival material, and original footage, Black Africa White Marble is a gripping real-life thriller spanning two centuries.

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