Saturday, October 15th
9:00AM - 11:00PM

Special off-site event:
20th Commemoration of the First Invasion of Congo

Location: Thoughtworks NYC
99 Madison Avenue (map)


20th Commemoration of the First Invasion of Congo
Hosted by Friends of the Congo

It has been 20 years since Rwanda (and subsequently, Uganda) invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo, which set in motion the deadliest conflict since World War II. During this period, 6 million people have died - half being children under the age of five - and Horrific human rights violations have developed. The conflict and subsequent outbreaks of violence have been fueled by multi-level actors in Geopolitical quests for power and control, while The struggle for true Congolese independence and Self-determination has remained elusive. As the old wise saying goes, "When elephants fight, only the grass suffers."

This event will be both a celebration of Congolese resilience and a critical analysis of the past 20 years, highlighting the ongoing causes of the conflict and ideas for solutions.
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