Saturday, October 22nd
Kolwezi on Air

Co-Presented by Human Rights Watch International Film Festival


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Kolwezi on Air
Dir. Idriss Gabel
Documentary, DR Congo/Belgium, 2016, 72 min.
French & Swahili, w/ English subtitles

Under the continual fire of RTMA’s cameras - the largest local television station in Kolwezi - Congolese society, highly protective of its own image, discloses itself, unvarnished and shameless. We follow local journalists, motivated by the desire to inform at all costs. With courage, they overcome situations sometimes perilous, sometimes amusing, often sad and even stranger than fiction. Their recent and rapid adaptation to broadcasting raises universal questions of independence from sponsors, of ethics facing sensationalism, and of die-hard investigative drive.

preceded by the short film:

Dir. Modogo
Narrative, DR Congo, 2016, 11 min.

A writer, caught between two worlds, chooses an unexpected path.



Idriss Gabel is the son and grandson of ministers. A native of France, his family immigrated to Belgium when he was 3 years old. As a teenager, a true prodigal son, he was dismissed from several schools and ended up in a “garbage school” in Brussels. He took advantage of this situation by studying cinema, for which he found a passion. Eventually, he began working with Belgian director Thierry Michel as his official editor and filmmaking collaborator in Congo. Kolwezi on Air is Gabel's third film.