Lisette Mibo

Born in Kinshasa as the first of five girls, Lisette Mibo moved to the UK at age 14 where she has become one of Congo's next top international supermodels. She has been featured numerously on the covers of magazines such as Amina (France), OhYes (Ghana), DivaScribe (UK), Tropics (South Africa), Zen (Nigeria), and is a two time winner of "Best Female Model" at the Congolese Achievement Awards. She has also appeared in both London Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week. In addition to modeling, Lisestte holds a BA in Sociology and Criminology, and is a passionate advocate for vulnerable children and families. She's currently an ambassador for Save the Congo and Menelik Education, and a proud mother of a baby daughter.

Monique Mbeka Phoba

Monique Mbeka Phoba has been directing and producing documentary films for over 20 years. During this period, she also founded and created a festival of film, television and documentary in Benin (West Africa), called LAGUNIMAGE. After earning a master's degree in scriptwriting, she has shifted to fiction filmmaking and has launched several script projects. Sister Oyo, inspired by family stories, is her first short film and has been produced through her production company RUMBACOM scri. It will be playing the Opening Night of Congo in Harlem 6. Currently Monique is working on her first feature length film. 


Isaac Katalay

Isaac performing at Congo in Harlem 5: October 2013

Born in Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, and now living in New York City, Isaac Katalay and his music represent the blending of two worlds. For the past two decades, Isaac has worked as an ensemble musician, choreographer, dancer, and speaker. His style is a distinctive blend of contemporary and traditional Congolese dance moves and aesthetics, which he calls "CONTEMPTRA" (Contemporary-Traditional). Isaac is also founder of the Life Long Project which promotes Congolese music and culture in the U.S.

Isaac Katalay and the Life Long Project will perform at the post-screening celebrations October 19th and October 25th


Mell Nyoko

Mell Nyoko is a spoken word artist, performer and activist who's been using her gift of poetry to raise world awareness about the crisis in DR Congo. She has performed extensively in the UK, engaging audiences with a unique, passionate, and thought-provoking style that she describes as "truth uncensored". Her heartfelt poems address themes of love and politics, and have been know to move audiences to tears. In addition to being a poet, Mell is also a regular contributor to This Is Africa (www.thisisafrica.me) and has her own blog page (www.mellnyoko.blogspot.co.uk), dedicated to the issues facing second generation African women living in the diaspora.