Sunday, October 25th
Rumors of the Lake

Rumors of the Lake
Dir. Wendy Bashi
Belgium/DR Congo, 2015, 52 min.
French & Swahili w/ English subtitles

In Rumors of the Lake, Lake Kivu in DR Congo is portrayed through the stories of local fishermen. They depend on the lake and they know all its secrets. Drifting on their pirogues or during a late night gathering along the water’s banks, we hear stories of two warring countries, the rumor of a killer fish, a gigantic reserve of methane about to explode... So many stories about life and death, fishing and legacy, which together form a collection of memories and reveal the secret identity of an amazing place.

Post-screening discussion with filmmaker Wendy Bashi


Born in the Demoratic Republic of the Congo, Wendy Bashi holds a degree in Information and Communication from Université de Liège in Belgium. Since 2009, she has worked as a journalist and anchor of Reflets Sud and Afrique Plurielle which are broadcast on TV5Monde. Besides her work in television, Bashi also freelances for several press magazines including Jeune Afrique, Enjeux Africains and Amina Magazine. She is also a journalist for the radio magazine Afrik'Hebdo that is broadcast on RTBF International. Rumors of the Lake is her first documentary.