Saturday, October 20th
12:00 - 3:00PM

Free Event!


Teaching Artist Institute presents

On behalf of the Rhythm People Coalition, the Teaching Artist Institute will present a series of workshops focused on engaging youth ages 15-22 years old in celebration of the Congolese presence in Harlem and around the world. Using the mediums of Gastronomy and Agriculture, Dance and Rhythm and Women, Hair & Tribal makeup in Congo, young people will be guided by Teaching Artist facilitators through an exploration of various aspects of Congolese art and art culture as a tool to reaffirm their connection to Africa and all Global Africans.

Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) is a socially engaged arts/cultural advocacy and training organization that plays an important role in the promotion of art for social transformation and development of platforms focused on cross-sector/cultural community engagement and sustainable development.  TAI specializes in training Artist to develop outlets for socially engaged art and mutual understanding, however, has guided many sectors interested in using Art culture beyond its aesthetic value to cultivate imagination and innovative design.

Workshop Breakouts

The Local Chef - “Gastronomy and Agriculture of the Congo” – A hands-on taste test and crash course in the culinary arts; this workshop will feature the tastes of the Congolese cuisine and traditions around crop cultivation in the region.

We Are the Rhythm People! – “Rhythm and Rumba Music of the Congo” will be explored thru a game show like conversation that takes participants on a journey thru Congolese music of yesterday and Artist shaping the music scene today.

SHEROE Sister Circle - “Women, Hair, and Tribal Makeup in the Congo” - This breakout session will feature a comparative analysis between Congolese Makeup and of tribes across the continent of Africa. Through trial and error, participants will pair to practice the fine art of tribal face painting and demonstrate new found techniques before the group.