Sunday, October 21st
12:00 - 3:00PM

Free Event!


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Dancing and Drumming Workshop with Andoche Loubake and Rehema Nkisi

Zongo: a Kikongo word meaning Power.  Zongo Dance is a new style comprised of ancient healing movements founded and created by Rehema Nkisi and Shaleena Capers. We have a unified vision of positively impacting the lives of millions of people by offering more than just dance or fitness but a culturally rich way to reclaim health and wellbeing while reconnecting with our essential core, The Kongo. Zongo style is based in Kongolese dance combined with other healing movements designed to invigorate the whole body, mind and soul. Deriving from the Center of Africa and spiraling from the core/center of the body, Zongo is low impact, sensual-yet powerful, strengthening and full of fun. Joy is the impact that Zongo will have on women, men and youth.

We will start with Zongo, a healing dance movement style. We will sing, then review Congo history and culture, then commence with traditional Kongolese Dance and drumming.